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Denair energy technology (Shanghai) Limited by Share Ltd
Denair energy technology (Shanghai) Limited by Share Ltd
Brand name
Main products compressor
Annual sales USD 30,000,000.00
Date of establishment 2006-11-07
Number of employees 400 Persons
Number of R&D staff 23 Persons
Number of quality inspectors 11 Persons
Area of factory 9500 ㎡
Brief Introduction
Denair energy technology (Shanghai) Limited by Share Ltd is a company registered in Shanghai China, large high-tech enterprises R & D, manufacturing and marketing in one of the. The company's manufacturing center covers an area of 20000m2, has more than 400 employees, production control and standardized assembly line is designed according to European standard, with 5-75KW screw units, 90-400KW screw unit, 7.5-355KW portable air compressor, air compressor, oil type high pressure air compressor, high-end fan, full type vacuum pump 7 high standard production line, products include fixed screw air compressor, air compressor, oil free air compressor, high pressure air compressor, vacuum pump, blower, heat expansion of high-end power station, with annual production of 15000 sets of high-end energy-saving gas fluid machinery production capacity.
Denair compressor brand service since 2009 China customer has always adhere to the quality of the brand positioning high-end industry, always adhere to the "energy conservation first - value sharing technology development concept, is committed to providing products and services such as compressor high-end customers, more customers improve production efficiency.
The company is one of the earlier developed denair compressor manufacturer 15-250KW screw compressor full spectrum level of energy efficiency. After several years of development, denair compressor industry has become one of the representative of the high-end brand of energy saving.
Brief Introduction
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